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…queen bee dori…

…queen bee dori…

Back in February, I was travelling constantly for my essential oil business. Every weekend I was in Melbourne or Brisbane or at the coast, and in between times, I had three trips to the big smoke for Boy2 as we underwent some testing relating to a reasonably new diagnosis of some learning difficulties (dyslexia, plus some other bits and pieces). I was also trying to keep my head above water as a new school year started, with everything that entails as well. It was a crazy, busy, stressful time, and to say I was a little overwhelmed is an understatement.

Then, one day, a little email popped into my inbox. “A gift from Carrose”, said the subject line. Say what, said I. And so I opened it, and saw that it was a beautiful gift of printable 2017 diary inserts for a dori. Oh my lucky stars, how well this girl knew what I needed (which really, is less about her ability to read my mind and more about her ability not to block me on Facebook after my somewhat regular meltdowns of exhaustion).

Then, of course, I couldn’t have inserts with no home, could I now?? One day while the beetle baby was at preschool, and before the three big kids started homeschooling, I managed to sneak a wee bit of time, and make myself a cute cover, forever more known as The Queen Bee Dori.


Isn’t she pretty? The outer is a cute echino linen, the inside is denim, stiffening with some iron on interfacing. It wasn’t an overly time intensive project, and thankfully I had everything on hand to make it with, so it cost me exactly nothing – always a win! The raw edges are exposed, so it will be interesting to see how it wears, hopefully it will be character enhancing, rather than trashed & daggy.


It’s the perfect side to chuck in my bag, not have to haul too much weight about, but still has enough room for what I need. I am well and truly hooked on the dori craze!!

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