I’m always quite envious of those annoying productive types who seem to punch out a king-sized foundation peiced quilt, then FMQ’d in various colours & layers of complicated designs, and get it all done in the blink of a toddlers nap time.  Plus blog it. With mulitple perfectly staged photos. You know who you are.

But yesterday, I made a decision. To make a quilt in a day. If my little project was going to find it’s intended purpose with it’s intended recipient, it needed to be finished by 1pm today. So started the “quiltinaday” project.

After a moderately quick stop at the fabric store (well, quick by fabric-store-standards!), the children were fed, watered and put to bed, the air-con in the studio turned to “Arctic” (hey, it’s was very flippin’ hot here yesterday, then add in the iron, plus me working up a sweat churning out this quilt…), and it was time to get cracking.

The key to success in this project was simplicity. I decided on a simple 3-fabric disappearing nine patch, which I could strip piece. And, so, that is how I managed to go from:

1.42pm Monday

to this:

12.38pm Tuesday:

It’s not a masterpiece, but it is already well-loved. Quilting is just straight lines, rather than the FMQ that I think would really bring this design to life. It is only a small lap quilt, around 42″ across, with very nice bamboo batting. So lovely & soft, that stuff is. The little cream border between the green inner border and pink outer border is actually a flange sandwiched in the seam, inspired by the very talented Emma.


I did it. I made a quilt in 24 hours.Proof that dreaming big actually works. Just don’t ask about the state of my house… So, this afternoon, instead of painting, or drawing, or sewing, or any other variety of creating to make messes in my nice clean studio, I am playing catch-ups. And nursing a ruptured eardrum. Ouch. Maybe I’ll just pass out in front of the air-con and watch a movie with the boys. Thanks for playing nice, Monday. That was a fun project. Let’s do it again sometime.

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