rolling rolling rolling

This pencil roll was a little side project I was puttering along with last week, in amongst everything else. It came about after I got a message via Facebook, asking if I made the rolls to sell, by a lovely UK lady who’d found my blog, and a post where I’d made pencil rolls using this fabric previously. I bought this fabric around 4 years ago, and it has made an apron for my mother in law, two, now, three, pencil rolls, and a little sewing kit for a friend. I think I’ve just about exhausted my supply of this fabric!!


We’ve had a lovely weekend, hanging out, a bit of sewing on a bag, some embroidery for a new little project (which I’ll share tomorrow), and getting the garden ready for spring, interspersed with some Olympic watching – Bear has declared he is going to the Olympics to swim “because I like swimming, and if you want to watch me, you can just turn on the television, and there I’ll be!”. Keep an eye out in 2024, and when my boy is up on the podium, remember, you heard it here first!! Monday is shaping up nicely, the sun is shining, and truly, it’s too nice to be trapped indoors, so I’ll stick to short and sweet today! Have an awesome Monday x

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