sewing & needlework
…secret squirrels…

…secret squirrels…

This week has been non-stop. I even skipped out on going to the farm both days of the weekend to sew like a mad woman, trying to get my quilt camp gifts made. And somehow, I’ve managed to get so busy that I missed a whole 11 days of blogtober! I even had ideas for posts sketched on my calendar, but I just didn’t get there.

Part of it is wanting to blog my current project, except I can’t share my current project because I can’t reveal too much until we exchange gifts. I really struggled with inspiration this year, but it finally hit and I got busy, and before too long I realised I’d grossly underestimated exactly how much time these things would take. Whoops. But I’m nearly there. Two more to put the finishing touches on and I can pop them in my suitcase. I also need to try and find my gift bag that we reuse each year. Quite possibly it’s in storage, which would be something silly I would do, instead of finding a place to stash it at home.

This time tomorrow I should be safely ensconced in my favourite seat, unwinding after the drive over, and ready to wake up bright as a button to craft myself silly after breakfast Thursday. Just a little bit excited!

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