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…sewing up for spring…

…sewing up for spring…

After Me Made May, I thought I might have had my fill of garment sewing for a while. I’d sewn and knitted and worn Me Made for a whole month, surely my crafty ADHD would be bored and ready to move on to my next hyperfixation? Right? But my brain is nothing if not contrary, and the love affair continues unabated, aided in part by the Friday night designer remnant drops over at Pitt Trading that will be the death of my craft budget.

With my winter wardrobe pretty much sorted, and spring only 6 weeks away, I’m starting to think about what’s next on my list. I have a good starting mix of basics, but it’s always fun to mix in new pieces as well, isn’t it? I have a pretty tight colour story, and my style tends towards simple, cute and functional, for the day to day that is homeschool life, with a pop of fun for Sunday best. It makes it quite easy to sift my Pinterest boards to pull out the items I will actually wear and that will suit me.

From my most recent fabric delivery (above), I’ve already used the white knit to make a super fun, super easy batwing style top, to be worn as a beach cover up, or even as a casual jumper over a tank top with a pair of cute shorts for those “too cool for a t-shirt but too warm for a jumper” days. The eucalyptus green I’m thinking will be a pair of Avery leggings, the navy marle I’m not entirely sure – I’m thinking maybe a t-shirt? I also have a light striped jersey coming from The Remnant Warehouse I want to make a t-shirt from as well. Last summer I bought a cute v neck tee from Just Jeans that I loved…and that shrank and twisted the first time I washed it. I’m planning to use it as a starting point to draft up a pattern for the striped Jersey and the navy marle.

Also on my list is a long sleeved or three quarter sleeved tunic dress, like the Wiksten Tova, if I can find a PDF copy for sale somewhere (if you know where I can find it, hit me up!). I need a new pair of denim shorts, so I’m thinking a pair of these Walker Denim Shorts would be a good starting point, though I would hack the pattern to make them looser and out of a soft woven denim, not tight & stretchy. While grabbing the link for that from my Pinterest, I found this inspo image on my style board, so I would love to make a roll sleeve button up shirt as well in a lightweight white fabric. A couple of homeschool trips back I picked up two metres of navy linen to make another gathered skirt, and that’s always such a quick make that it’s on the top of my list to kickstart those spring vibes. The last thing on my list is the Coco – I’m not sure if I want the top or the dress version! I have a cute spotted grey jersey that would be perfect for that.

With the outerwear sorted, I also have an ambitious August underthings plan! I picked up a lingerie kit a couple of weeks back, and yesterday I started cutting into it. From the kit I am planning to make a padded bra with matching low-rise-low-leg knickers, a cami & boxers Jammie set, a simple bralette/crop top & boiled undies set, and hopefully have enough left for a couple of pairs of undies, or some undies and a simple bra. I’m really looking forward to the challenge of expanding my lingerie sewing skills beyond basic knickers and tween crop tops!

Phew. Written out that sounds like a lot! But if I start now and work on one or two items a week, by the time the weather warms up I should have a good stack of clothes ready to wear. Today, that warm weather feels a long way off. It’s freezing cold and not looking to get much better as the day progresses! We might get some school done, though we picked up a new puppy on the weekend so it may be more puppy school than actual school, I’m thinking. I want to keep fiddling with the cup covers for the bra I started cutting yesterday. There’s a pair of wool socks I need to darn so I can wear them to keep my tootsies warm. The rain has cleared off so my washing pile is calling my name as well. There’s some new-house-build admin and planning I need to sort so we can hopefully have a house to move into before Mr Almost 15 is grown and moving out. Its a bog standard kid-and-craft kind of Monday, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Have a wonderful Monday friends! If you are up to something crafty today too I’d love to hear about it – drop a comment and let me know!

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