Simply Helix Table Runner

doubel helix table runner

double helix table runner

A while back, I shared on my facebook page a post from And Sew We Craft, featuring a couple of my tutorials, for a weekend inspiration round up. Soon after, I received a message from a friend, asking if this very cool table runner was one of mine, which it wasn’t. A bit of back & forth later, and I had a charm pack on it’s way to me. I am always touched when I am asked to make something for someone, but this time, even more so, with this being the second time this particular friend has commissioned me to make her something. I must admit, I found this one very hard to pass one though – luckily I think I have enough in scraps for a little project I am letting bubble away in the back of my mind.

We are still rolling along nicely for school holidays. Lots of Lego and baking and swinging & stories. The studio cleanup is almost done. I’m working on upcycling a desk for the children to use as a craft desk. I’m contemplating Blogtoberfest posts. Percolating a Visual Dare entry. Enjoying every minute of the spring sunshine and having all four of my babies close. Just the way holidays should be.

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