It’s almost a weekly occurance. The suitcases will pile by the door. The small people hop from one foot to the other, rushing between playing and the front door to sneak a peek. And then they hear the crunching of gravel under tyres. The creak of the front door. Then a stampede, generally led by a tiny girl, squealing at the top of her lungs. “NANNY!!!!” (side note – what IS i t with girls and squealing? The boys were/are loud, and yell a lot, but this squealing caper is something new. My poor bleeding ears…)


And now Butterfly is old enough to tag along as well, we’ve been jamming her bits and bobs into the boys suitcases. Thomas for Bear, Elmo for Boy2. Both of which are bursting at seams. And so it was time for her to have a bag of her own. No more than 20 minutes before pick up, I found myself pulling out some curtain fabric from my stash (from the $2 end-of-bolt rack, best bargain in a long time, I’ve used it for so many little projects!), and started cutting. I wanted a girly bag, and was going for a vintage-inspired bowling bag style. Made to my own design, you are likely to see a couple more of these pop up over the next couple of weeks! Needless to say, I didn’t get it done, but yesterday, with the rain falling and the wind howling, The final stitch fell into place, and it was done. And I was chuffed. Until I realised I’d forgotten to add some lace I’d planned to include, but anyway.



And it is a HUGE hit. Even taking these photos was a nightmare, with much squealing (again with the squealing!) and stomping of feet and “MINE BAG, MUMMY! GO WAY! MINE!” I think we can call it a success.


The sun is braving a peek out from behind the clouds, and it is slightly less chilly than yesterday, well, we are into double digit temperatures, anyway! The boy and I have been robot building, we’ve been grocery shopping and had our “lunch order” for a small boy, and we wrestled with a girl not wanting to loosen the death grip on a new bag. She’s now asleep, the boy is finished colouring in, and it’s sewing time (speaking of – did you see my guest post over at MahliMoo yesterday, sharing my process??). Cookie Monster’s quilt is in our sights. There’s crochet on my to-do list, a failed attempt at a doily last night is demanding my attention. Hello sun, stay and play for the weekend, it’s nice to see you around again. Let’s do this!


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