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I’ve been waiting for a while to blog this! AJ put out the call – there was a baby on the way, and who was interested in a group quilt as a gift? 12.5″, pink with a white background. I flicked through my quilting books, and my eye settled on a block I’ve been stuck on for a while, but never had the chance to make. A quick trip to the fabric store and I was arms with a couple of fat quarters, so one lazy Saturday afternoon, I pulled out the machine, and set to work. The block soon came together, and of it went to AJ for collating with the rest, and a gorgeous quilt emerged.

You can read more about the quilt in AJ’s post, or over at the RedInOz blog, complete with gratuitous cute baby photos and the quilt in action.

Today’s a knock out the WIPs day. A quilt is almost done. I MUST get my charm packs cut and the shop updated. I want to hopefully get a bag or two cut out. Two little goodie bags have been made and delivered (more on that later). Sticking close to home and taking it easy today. One asleep, one resting, one at school. Nothing like a short week hump day to get the creative mojo happening. Crafting time for me!


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