Stack & Slash.

A while back, I was down at the fabric store, grabbing a few bits & bobs to alter a couple of cheapy tops into breastfeeding tops. It wasn’t until I’d gotten the farbic cut, that I realised I had no cash, and was quite a bit under the EFTPOS minimum. So I grabbed a little fat quarter pack to pad out my shopping a bit, and could then whack it on the credit card.


So on Sunday afternoon, I felt like doing a bit of sewing, and cracked open the FQ pack. I only wanted something quick, so I evened up all the FQ’s, and started cutting! This morning I finished the main part of my super basic stack & slash play quilt:


It’s slightly bigger than this, on the top & bottom, but I couldn’t be bothered changing lenses, cropping etc, so you’ll have to pretend this is it! It gives you a general idea though. It’s not large, only being made from 4 fat quarters, but it will suffice as an emergency play quilt to live in the car – that’s my plan anyway! Now I just have to decide how to quilt it… hmm, decisions, decisions!

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