Stage Two!

24 hours on, and the fabric is cut!


One’s missing you say? After making up a mock-block to test the colour scheme, I wasn’t happy with the cream & blue fabric. The other fabrics are so rich that it looks stark, and very jarring when added into the block. So I’ll put that fabric away for another project, and head back down to the fabric shop to grab another – the one I’m thinking of is a lighter version of the dark blue print.


All up, it took about an hour & a half to cut all the fabric, being 196 yellow squares, 144 red squares, 96 green squares, and 96 dark blue triangles. Yay for rotary cutters! I’m now starting on the stitching, and am chain stitching the green & yellow squares at the minute. I’m planning on sewing all the pieces into their respective nine-patch segments, and the assembling of the blocks en masse.

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