Stitch, stitch, stitch…bugger…unpick.

So I had a good run at my Swoon block yesterday. I got to the end, pressed it flat, and despite the imperfections, was please to call it done. Then I looked again. Hang on, something’s not right. Bugger. One corner had not only been stitched in upside down, but the smaller components had also gone in back to front. Out came the unpicker, and 10 minutes later, a correct swoon block emerged!


In between Swooning, I also managed to whip up a little friend. A few friends and I had been giggling along to the adventures of Beyonce over at The Bloggess, and wondered whether we all chipped in, how much postage might be to Australia. But it was enough to get the inspiration turning, and I dug through the stash, and soon appeared, Cerise.

Cerise is the official mascot of the Sisterhood of The Travelling Chicken, and I am blessed (?) to be her current hostess. She’s cheeky and demanding, but awfully fun to have around. Head on over to her blog to keep up with her adventures.


Good Friday came and went, church, a play in the park with friends, a picnic of fish and chips. Those cheesecake eggs were the bees knees. Shall blog them later. Today it’s been a quiet-ish day. A spot of shopping, a bit of tidying, some blogging and working on my intercessions for church tomorrow. Bear has been keeping me company in the studio and doing some painting. I was thinking of doing another Swoon, or making a bag, or maybe some painting. But I’m feeling kind of lazy, so maybe just a movie and some stitching down of binding. And raiding the fridge for the last cheesecake egg. Shhhh…. Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter x

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