With my little helpers tagging along, I managed to swing by the fabric store this morning, and chose a couple of fabrics for a little project I have in mind.


These gorgeous fabrics are destined for a couple of little “just because” gifts for my mum & sister. Both appeal to me in different ways. The bright blues & cheery flower pattern of the bottom two remind me of spring, of warming days & coffee in the sun & green grass & flowers bursting forth in joyful colour. The top two are much more muted, but I love the funky retro feel to the purple & green pattern. I’m going to have fun with these!

So that’s my afternoon planned. Pattern making, cutting, sewing, revelling in the chance to do something fun. Maybe a bit of scrapping if I can swing the time. A small boy is asking for a sewing machine of his own, so I can see some toddler craft coming up – pity the recycling has only recently been collected. I’ve got some old classics blasting from the iPod, so there will be some bad singing & dodgy dancing accompanying my efforts. Sing like no-one is listening, dance like no-one is watching, live like it’s heaven on earth. Life is good, and I am going to sing and dance and create and sew and love and LIVE! Let’s do this!

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