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One of the best parts of being able to make the boys’ clothes myself is being able to make them fit just right. Master 4 is the “tall and skinny” of the post title. During a lvoely weekend of relaxing, spending time wit my famiyl and sewing, I’d managed to finish a second pair of little denim shorts for him, and decided to take some time to make up some new play shorts. This little pair comes from KwikSew 2918 – may fav pattern for play clothes. And thanks to making them myself, I could easily make them with the size four length he needed… and size TWO waist to hold them up! Goodness only know where he puts those 4 weetbix he has every morning! (As an added bonus, the fabric I used for these, I found on clearance a while back – $4 for the metre. Half of which made the original size two shorts, and two years later, they are still in great condition for Master 2. So for $2 and half an hour of my time, I’m thinking that’s a pretty good bargain!)

Today, we’re bundled up inside thanks to runny noses, icky coughs, and foul weather that seems to have forgotten it’s supposed to be spring time. Some baking to start stocking the freezer with snack for post-baby. A pile of clothes I have been studiously ignoring since the weekend that desperately need folding. Which sounds like a good excuse for a chick-flick. And a coffee. Hoepfully some scrapbooking to come this afternoon. A pile of photos to sift through and print and reminisce. Number crunching. And lots of cuddles with grumpy miserable boys. The weekend is so close, I can almost smell it. Happy Thursday everyone!

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