teacher mug rugs

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One each for the two main teachers Bear had last year, one each for the two release teachers, and one for the teachers aide. Five gifts to make. Not too onerous, you wouldn’t think. Except end of year hit me hard, and I found myself cutting it fine. How fine? See that ridiculously dodgy phone pic at the bottom, with three mug rugs in it? Taken at 9.14am on the last day of school, as I sat in the car, wrapping the gifts on the front seat. Hence the super dodgy photo that I didn’t even have time to retake a non-blurry version.

But they got done, even if I don’t have a nice photo to show it! Add in a simple mug, a couple of cappuccino sticks and a box of chocolates, and we called it job done.


This week is being kinder to me than last, now I’ve almost caught up from the holidays. I even managed some sewing yesterday, finishing a library bag for Boy2. Today if I can swing it I want to keep going on Butterfly’s ballet bag (pro tip – don’t let a three year old pick a design from Pinterest), some calligraphy to practice, some project life photos to print. Friends to visit and errands to run. Cuddles and stories and songs. Our second full week of term and we are hitting the ground running. Have a fab Tuesday!

totallypinspiredsmallThis is project number eight (of ten required to date) in my “totally pinspired” challenge to turn my pins into projects. I took inspiration for these mug rugs from these placemats pinned here. We are aiming to complete a minimum of two pins a month. For all my Totally Pinspired projects, click here. You can find my Pinterest boards here, and my completed pins board here. If you’ve been totally pinspired as well, I’d love to see what you’ve been making!

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