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tell me a story

tell me a story

and then I’ll go to bed… It is a little rhyme my mum always used to sing to me as a child. After fifteen years of blogging, it can be interesting, shall we say, the ways I come up with blog titles. Especially with projects that I’ve shared progress posts of, it becomes harder and harder to come up with something different-but-connected. Thanks to staring at a blank screen, dredging through the depths of the old memory bank, I now have a thirty year old ear worm looping around my brain as I write.

This story, though, is much more recent; but also a tale as time, true as it can be; my enabling friends, lead me round the bend, with a new project… it seems it’s a day for ear worms (and rather dodgy lyrical rewrites). The tale – “I will not start any new projects this year”; the truth – “we all know that’s a lie”; the friend – AJ; the bend – Etsy during holiday boredom; the project – a bookish cross-stitch.

Once it was done, I had plans to keep the framing simple, just something off the shelf. Except when I went hunting, the stitching was too large for 30cm frames and the fabric too small for 40cm frames; an artefact of misremembering the stitch count of my fabric. Off I toddled to my framers, and managed to snaffle the last length of the same black framing we used for a bus roll print that hangs in the walkway from the living room, on the wall that extends through my craft room and the wall that the stitching will hang on.

I quickly grabbed a command hook, and popped it up on the wall…and promptly decided I didn’t like it there. I was thinking of rearranging the full wall, but before I do that, I’m auditioning a second spot in the craft room, and one in the school room; eventually, the school room will become the library so it would work in that space also.

current position // secondary craft room position // potential school room position

Thank goodness for command hooks, really. Ideally, where it is currently, I would like to hang a dolls quilt, and I even have the dowel here ready to do it on the weekend once I work out where the cross stitch is going. I think my favourite option for now is the second craft room position (though the school room makes sense too!) – what would you choose if you were I?

It was my first watercolour style cross stitch, and I really enjoyed it, even if some of the colours needing one stitch here and two on the opposite side of the page were a little frustrating. Thanks to my nifty app, I can see that it took me 129hrs 55mins to stitch 20637 stitches in 62 colours, at an average of 355 stitches a day with 58 active stitching days between 1st January and 9th March. Three months to stitch, two months to get it blogged, a month of staring at it on the wall trying to decide where it should go…it’s time to find it’s proper home so I can free up some mental space and truly consider it done.

Today is hustle day ready for the weekend. The craft room needs cleaning along with the rest of the house. There’s rain predicted for the weekend, so I want to set up our new firewood holder and get some wood split and stacked. There’s a whole lot of meetings taking up my afternoon, and the forecast of craft time is low. If I get lucky, I might be able to squeeze in the start of a journal page, but I won’t hold my breath. A busy Friday though makes for a restful weekend so I’ll power through and make the most of tomorrow’s rain under my crochet blanket. Have a fabulous weekend friends!

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