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Temperature Stitches :: February

Temperature Stitches :: February

At the end of January, I felt like I would stick with my daily temperature stitches, if I’d made it that far. Then February came, and I honestly considered giving up more than once. I even dropped into the chat the suggestion of starting over. If I dropped each colour down by one temperature range, my summer stitches would look more like summer.

Thankfully, enablers one and two actually came through with logic for a change, and talked me out of it. They were right to. If I had 6 weeks or two months to stitch again, I wouldn’t do it. I also think what I gain in summer, I would lose in winter looking too warm. And so, I’ve stuck with it.

Yesterday at the school table, I got caught up as far as I could – being morning I couldn’t do the day-of stitches. Without having planned it, I found myself neatly at the end of the third row with my last block I had data to stitch. There was something so satisfying about three full rows and not a block more, that I decided that it was a good point for my monthly update, rather than wait for the full month to be complete.

Not going to lie, that random couple of teal blocks are making me twitch. Despite my reluctance throughout the month, I will push on – I’m looking forward to seeing what winter looks like on this scale. If nothing else, it’s a good project to have on hand to keep my hands busy at the school!

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