thank you mr postie!

With all three children strapped into their seats, I hop in the drivers seat, and glance up. A white van slows as it makes it’s way down the street. I see the indicator come on, and he pulls up beside me. I jump out, and sure enough, a parcel with my name on it. Hmmm, I think to myself, what could it be? Flipping it over, I notice it is from Kelani Fabric, and I do a little happy dance.

A little while back, I saw a post on Ingrid’s blog about this pattern, and instantly, I was in love. A quick search revealed the pattern is now out of print, but I found one at Kelani fabric, in itty-bitty-baby sizes. A sweet floral cord and some Echino Fushia may have also made into my shopping cart. I can not wait to have a go at this pattern for little miss.


It’s a busy kind of weekend coming up. Photographing, working, sewing, renovating. Stories, sandpit, swings and trains. Stolen moments and happy giggles. All my chickens in my nest. How I love weekends.

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