the dragonfly

I posted a little while ago about a custom Butterfly Overnighter, ordered by a friend after seeing the one I designed and made for my Butterfly. That one was as a gift, to be used as a mummy/nappy bag, and that same friend also ordered an overnighter for her two little boys. I didn’t want to go all ruffly like the other two bags, as that seemed a bit girly to me, but one thing she liked about the bags, was she thought the ruffles were pockets, which inspired this design. I used a fabric that is one of my favourites for little boys, and added a couple of patches in co-ordinating fabrics, so there are the two patch pockets, plus four pockets where the top stitching goes all the way to the top of the blue fabric (the other side is the same). It’s lined in the blue as well, and all in all, I’m very happy with it. It seemed wrong to label it as a Butterfly bag though, hence the title – the Dragonfly! (and as a little aside, I might be making one of these for a market night coming up in a couple of weeks, oh what fun I’ll have shopping for those fabrics! What craft ban?)


Today has been crazy busy, trying to catch up from being unwell, though I managed to sneak in a small amount of crafting – a few stitches on my embroidery project, a pyjama bag for one boy with the other patiently awaiting his, as well as casting on/chaining on 280+3 chains for a crochet ripple blanket! Thankfully everyone seems to be on the mend today, though of course there are a stack of jobs I’ve let slide that I now need to get reined in again. My husband is going out tonight to a meeting, so I’m hoping to rush through my chores and squeeze in some more rippling time while he’s away. And I realy REALLY have to finish my studio, my dad is working hard on my new cabinet, so I need to be ready for that. But sometimes it’s just all too hard. And on a Monday too. Anyone want to come do it for me? No? Bummer. Ok, in I go. Wish me lukc!

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