the great divide.

The Great Divide. Generally it refers to an east-west divide of the mountain variety. There’s “them”, who live on the coast, and major cities (like the old joke goes, what does NSW stand for? Newcastle, Sydney, Woolongong!). And there’s “us”. The country bumpkin cousins, in the colder, drier higher altitudes.

But the great divide that the title of this post refers to, is more a man made one. A north-south divide. Of the canetoad and cheating footballers variety (disclaimer – I didn’t watch Origin *gasp* but the way my twitter and facebook feeds exploded, I’m still not 100% sure if we were talking about a football game or declaring war on our neighbouring statesmen). My brother-in-law is a *cough*Queenslander*cough*, and, I must admit, we don’t mind paying him out constantly a bit of a stir every now and then. But then. A transfer meant a move for my sister and brother-in-law. To the “wrong” side of the border…

So therein lies the basis of the design. The true inspiration was a visit to their home, where I noticed they had two clocks. One for Qld time, one for NSW time (insert preferred curtain fading quip here). And that got the old cogs turning, and hence was born a little mug rug for my sister. The river that marks the border between states. The clock with an hours time difference. The dark side and the light side. I think I’ll leave it up to her to decide which is which!!


It’s heading off in today’s post, so hopefully she should have it in a couple of days. She doesn’t know about it, so it should be a (hopefully!) nice surprise in her letter box when it arrives.


Today we are all battling the first big hit of winter lurgies. Boy2 is down, I’m down, Butterfly isn’t far behind. Next in line is Daddy and Bear, bother who have started with a niggle. Joy joy. We declared yesterday a movie and jammie day, and did a great deal of nothing. I managed to find myself at the halfway point of a doily I’m crocheting, Boy2 came and sewed with me for a bit and got the top of his Cookie Monster quilt done. Though of course Butterfly thinks she needs a turn on the sewing machine. Darling girl, you are 19 months. How about no? Today is more of the same. I’ve got covers setting for a handbound journal I am making for a friend, and if I get the covers and my doily done, I’ll be a happy camper. Two small children out for the count, an hour until we need to think about school pickup. Time to get busy and kick Tuesday in the butt, lurgy or no lurgy. But just a gentle kick. Let’s do this!


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