Update #2 – Quilty Progress

Hello Wednesday! I normally love Wednesdays, but today, I just wish I could hide under the doona & pretend I can ignore the world until it’s Thursday. Today involves immunisations for baby, and a dentist appointment for me, that I suspect will end with a bill that hurts almost as much as the root canal I’m expecting to be told I need.




Ignoring that, I hope to get the top of my D9P quilt finished today. My mum is on holidays soon, and it’s a fair bet she’ll want to spend some time with the munchkins, so I figure if I can have it sandwiched & ready to go, I can hand-quilt it while I’m chatting to her – it’s not rude if it’s your mum, right?


I’m close to being finished – these are all the middle seams ready to be stitched to form the blocks. I’m hoping to sneak in a block here and there during the day if the boys are happily playing by themselves – that’s the theory, anyway! Otherwise, it will have to wait for nap time, if they go down together!


So a quiet day in all, no high hopes, but I’ll cont today successful if we can get through without too many tears!

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