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web of blooms

In April of last year, I was in the car on the way to Sydney for a party; in between the thirty million deadspots along the New England Highway, I was madly refreshing my instagram. It was after all, a destash weekend and if there’s one thing I like more than pretty fabric, it’s pretty fabric at a discount.

Of course, any decision worth making, is worth taking to the board. What if, said I, I bought this fabric and made a quilt coat with it. The winter hockey season was coming up quickly, and the days wildly vary, from “maybe I could have cracked out the shorts” to “do you wanna build a snowman?”. A quilt coat, it seemed, would be the perfect addition to my sports-mum wardrobe. The board approved the fabric, but dismissed the motion for a quilt coat out of hand. I raised objections. They disagreed. In the end, I’d ordered the fabric before they’d put the clangers on the coat, and for the last twelve months, the fabric has remained tucked up safely in my drawers, awaiting a second attempt at getting the coat approved.

I hadn’t even raised the issue, when an idea struck me. Coming up, I have a gifting occasion that the fabrics would actually make the perfect quilt for. Out they came, spread across the table as I measured and checked and planned. What if, said I to the board, not daring to mention the coat so resoundingly vetoed last year, what if I made a quilt, in 2″ squares in a colour wash layout. This time I received immediate board approval, and I got to work.

As I cut, and as I started sewing, I binged our latest group watch, The Way Home. I watched and sewed and chatted and screamed and screamed some more because that season two finale was holy cliffhanger batman, AND we have to wait until JANUARY to see season three. It was handy though, having something to keep my brain occupied as I sewed pair after pair of 2.5″ squares.

For this quilt, I’m putting it together web piecing style, and with the 27 squares across joined, the rows going down are coming together quite quickly, aided by the lack of thinking and checking required to fit the next seam into place.

For once, I haven’t left the making to the last minute, and it’s quite nice to be able to relax and enjoy the process as I sew. That’s not to say, of course, I will be finished in a timely manner. After spending the weekend marathon sewing to get the rows together, I’m rapidly running out of mojo without a deadline to keep me pushing. I am, however, contemplating at least partially hand quilting, so I really should keep pushing along.

Today I managed exactly one seam before I was into the swing of schooling and mumming. The sparkies arrived to replace our dishwasher that died a few weeks back. In between getting children through their chores and breakfast and teeth brushing and all the arguments at every step of the way, I managed to get 12 photos edited for a 100 Days catch up. My daily cards also got a bit of attention because of course I’m behind on them too. I should be hanging washing but I hear thunder so I better not and instead might get the last session of school done and then grab my knitting and pop on our OTHER group watch (High Country, on Stan) because this weeks episode has just dropped, and your internet friend can not watch scary things at night. Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll get more sewing done. Maybe.

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