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whoops I tripped

whoops I tripped

Never say never, so the saying goes. I have declared, in the past, that I really do not need more cross-stitches in my life. And it’s true, I don’t. Alice and the Wizard are languishing in my “finished projects” box, unframed and with no hanging in sight. My valentines gnomes likewise remain forgotten about (though with three weeks to valentines maybe I need to hit up the shops for a frame and crack out the command hooks).

And yet, despite not needing anymore, not really having space for any more, I lasted exactly one day into the new year before following AJ down the rabbit hole and starting a new project. Rainbow watercolour book stack? How could I refuse something so pretty?

“Whatcha making, mama Mia?” “Books” “Ohhh can I have it?” “No”

“That’s cool, is that for my room?” “No”

“You know where that would look good? The wall opposite my bed” “No”

“Yeah cool can you do dinosaurs next time?”

At least one child wasn’t trying to steal my project, I guess? This one, despite my children’s attempts to steal it from under me, is just for me. Once it’s done, I will frame it (just with an off the shelf frame), or maybe pop it in a hoop, and hang it on the display wall I’m slowing building up in my craft room. So far, I have a charcoal drawing from a workshop I did last year, two mixed media pieces I made and one from Car (circa camp 2012). Still to be hung is a dolls quilt I received from Joy in the 2014 swap. The book stitchery will be a fabulous addition, and I think the colours will pick up the deeper colours in the Eiffel Tower piece, and tone down the very yellow feel of the wall at the minute.

It is quite a fiddly piece, with lots of parking and moving, so I decided to give a markup app a whirl, and oh man. Game changer. Not only is it easier to follow along than a printed pattern, but it gives me progress counts and estimated dates and it just tickles my goal oriented brain in all the right ways. Just like I race my “time remaining” on my kindle, you can bet I’m racing my “estimated finish date” in my cross stitch app.

Currently, I have page three (of six) finished, page two is well over 60%, and the other four pages I’ve started picking at. It’s very different to other stitcheries I’ve done to date, but I am enjoying it…so much so I’ve just tripped over another three of her patterns when I went to grab the link for this post. Another three of those cross stitches I said I did not need any more of.

I would try for a twelve step program for my problem, but clearly, I can’t be trusted to not fall over a new project or four. What on earth is a crafter to do, then? The struggle is real, my friends, it really is.

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