I know nothing about how this fabric got in my suitcase, I swear. I promised I would never ever ever break a craft ban. Nope, not me. Ok, so maybe I know a little bit about it. But in my defense, it’s for a dolls quilt swap, and I get a FREE QUILT out of it. So really it’s not breaking the ban, because I get something FREE!


I’m pushing it a bit, aren’t I? But aren’t they pretty? I hope my partner likes what I have in mind. I found these lovelies while on holiday last week, and they should work well with my chosen design. I’m hoping to get the foundations printed today and get cracking on it soon-ish. Today is also the post-holiday-washathon, so if I fail to post tomorrow, come hunting for me, I may be trapped under rioting washing piles. I have a little book waiting to be bound. New paint  supplies. Beads. Hats waiting to be finished and flash fiction prompts waiting to be written. I also have fresh biscuits, hot coffee and awesome friends. It’s just a normal Monday butt kicking kind of day around here.


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      Oh pretty! If I am your quilt swap partner you can just mail me that stuff and I will be happy. How are those hats coming along? Will they be finished before November?

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