WIP Wednesday

Way back at the beginning of the year, a dear friend had a little baby. With my usual gusto, I launched into a frenzy of measuring and cutting and sewing, working my way towards a “beach-inspired” changemat/bag. By the time baby was three weeks old, I had the top finished, and ready for snadwiching & quilting. This wouldn’t take long, thought I. But. Then I fell pregnant, and rapidly became unwell. Even the *thought* of spending time in my little studio made me queasy. And so the little log-cabin quilt hung sadly on my wip hanger, waiting for a bit of TLC.

After a recent birthday, I had a little shopping spree, and bought some cheery pink fabrics to make a little pram quilts for Baby Butterfly. When I finished the top yesterday, I pulled out a piece of pre-quilted bedcover that I’d bought off the clearance table, and decided it would be the perfect filling for a quilt that is going to go under baby more often than on top. And as it turned out, the piece was the perfect size to fit both quilts on.

So it was quite a productive nap time – one top finished, and two quilts sandwiched! I’m not sure where to head quilting wise, so shall lay the two WIPs aside for now, and get cracking on my SS goodies while waiting for inspiration to strike!


Today –  we’ve had a lovely morning of stories and craft, a Wiggles dance party, a trip to the library, and not too many tantrums. All three children are now sleeping soundly in their beds. There is some yummy new fabric staring at me that I want to play with. Those two quilts to quilt. A little birdie crochet in progress. A pile of washing to fold. Two new books to read. Photos to edit. And I’m ignoring the bathroom that needs cleaning… it’ll be there tomorrow! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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