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…wip wednesday – deck the halls…

…wip wednesday – deck the halls…

It’s very rare that I can throw out a “would it be crazy to…” suggestion, and get back anything other than “of course not you should totally do it”. In January, however, as I was planning my school year, I finally hit upon the idea that deserved a “maybe”. In fairness, that maybe was, more correctly, “maybe, but you should totally do it anyway”. I have some very well trained enablers!

My problem was school table hand work. After a very productive 2020, I was clean out of cross-stitches & embroideries to work on. I had always planned to stitch the remaining vignettes from Deck The Halls, and so I threw it out there – only a week or so after Epiphany – “would it be crazy to start stitching a Christmas pattern?”

With four vignettes outstanding, and no other project in sight, it seemed the perfect solution, and so I got stuck in. Four weeks into the new school year, I am making good progress – today sees me even further along compared to that bottom right photo. I have the bell completely finished aside from the hanger, and the first snowflake is also complete.

It does indeed feel a bit strange to be stitching a Christmas design in February (& now March), but having the full set complete ready for Christmas will make it worth the weirdness!

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