wocka wocka wocka

The list came home. White board markers, tissues, glue sticks. Library bag. “I want a blue one, with a red helicopter, mummy, please?”, and so with that in mind, I headed to the fabric store. blots of fabrics examined, then returned to the shelf. A decision made. I rocked a fabric ban like Car, and just happened to think the red I am using for my Dear Jane would be perfect for a helicopter. And of course, I had to allow for mistakes, so maybe a metre or so would be sufficient?

With my little helper beside me, I measured and cut and ironed and stitched, and slowly, the design I had in mind came to life, and was presented to the board for approval. The board approved.

Wednesday today, and my new favourite day of the week. The craziness of preschool days behind, three days stretching ahead to hang out with the little two. We’ve been taking it easy, kicking off with a bike ride in the cool of a cloudy late summer morning. Sandpit. Trampoline. Morning tea and cuddles with the chicken. Bubba Boy is keen for some dinosaur craft. I’ve got a present for a friend on the go. A mug rug that needs starting. An itchy painting finger. Bookwork, peicework, housework. 3pm will be here too quickly. Watch out Wednesday, here we come!

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      You have no idea how excited I am you are blogging again! I LOVE the way you write! When are you coming to Sydney??? Aren’t we having a mid year retreat????

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      Bahahaha, you had me at 1 metre to allow for mistakes – thought I was the only one who allowed for mistakes!!!
      It looks great!

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      You girls are beautiful, love you both to pieces. And Kayscha, I think mid-year is definately in order – I want to see your beautiful new-old home!

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