And now he is six.

He loves Lego and aeroplanes. Lego aeroplanes will bring on an involuntary box-kissing response. He is a kind and loving big brother. He is a reader, a think, a learner. He is wise beyond his years. He loves school. Somehow, I have blinked, and my baby is a baby no longer a baby, but a small boy, who no longer […]

birthday season

Tomorrow, I lay my home and sanity at the mercy of 30 small children. All my creating has been party based. Like a painting for pin-the-wing-on-the-aeroplane. And my children know how much I love to create, and thought I needed a chance to play fondant scuplting again. Thanks for that Butterfly. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a cake […]

organisation central

The hours I spend sitting and feeding my tiny 11-day-old daughter are some of the most special. With two small boys playing at my feet, or bringing stories to read, or happily playing in the toy room, the hours pass in a haze of bonding and adoration. Who cuddles Butterfly next. Who picks the story. What game to play. The […]