Super Saturday

What a great day. Lots of creative stuff. Lots of fun with my boys. Lots of smiles as I watched my boys with their daddy. Lots of lazy weekend happiness.   Naptime Friday, I did a little bit of tidying, with the intention of getting the whole studio spotless. Then I came across some fabric that the toddler picked last […]

Sunday Sewing…

I was all inspired to do some sewing on Sunday, so I dug out the fabric I scored at the op-shop a couple of weeks ago, and whipped up a little apron for myself, for crafty things. I often come home from wherever I’ve been, and am reluctant to do five minutes here or there, because I don’t want to […]

Aprons, knitting and Mother In Laws

I am a bit behind in blogging, as we went to visit my mother in law over the weekend. I finished the apron as DH packed the car, so the photo is a bit dodgy:   I was reasonably happy with how it turned out. It was my first go at making my own pattern, and there are a few […]