what a puzzle

  The text arrived at breakfast time Tuesday. A usual, ordinary day suddenyl turned into a high-excitement, stalk-the-phone-all-day kind of day – there was a baby on the way! By morning teatime we were celebrating the safe arrival of (yet another) beautiful tiny boy for our group (or, at 9lb7, not so tiny). I had previously arranged with my friend […]

A girl and a gown.

Our third child is girl, after two precious boys. So I knew I definately wanted her to wear a traditional long gown for her baptism. Except by the time we baptised her, she was 10.5 months old and walking. So with Butterfly being to big to wear her mama’s Christening gown, and too mobile for a full gown, I decided […]

Catching up…

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at our house, so haven’t had a chance to blog much.   First up is the finished baby cocoon:   I love the knobbly texture, it make it look so yummy & cozy, and the colour is even nicer than I thought it would be. Now I just need a baby to put […]