…rainbow clutch…

There’s a certain form of conversation that one has with one’s creative enablers, that balances on a knife edge. It could fall either way, but chances are something (or, knowing me, someONE), is likely to get cut… Now that we are out of the baby & toddler stage, I no longer need to cart a heap of stuff with us […]

dancing on a rainbow

With the various bits that a small ballerina needs stuffed into my already-full-to-the-brim nappy bag, the weekly trek too and from dance class demanded a more organisation cargo solution, and so I promised Miss Butterfly a ballet bag. “A rainbow one, mummy?” “of course, my love, if you want a rainbow, we’ll make a rainbow.” HA. FAMOUS. LAST. WORDS. The […]

Done. AND packed.

Yay me! My overnight bag that I’ve been working on is done. The silver lining of having sick small people, is I’ve managed to squeeze in more sewing time than I normally would be able to, and yesterday, just in time to start dinner, this little beauty was DONE. I am so happy with how it came out. There were […]

getting organised

You’ve got less than a month to go, they say, better get your hospital bag organised, I’m told. Somehow, I don’t think “get your hospital bag organised” was code for “dig out that pattern and start cutting”, but what’s a crafter to do? I pulled out the Melly & Me Sleepover pattern that I bought a while back, and while […]

a delicate situation

Last holidays, we went camping over at the coast in our camper trailer for the first time. Which was a load of fun. But it was also a bit of a hike to the amenities block. So we’d pack up all our bits and bobs, and wander over to the showers, my hand generally occupied holding Butterfly contained on one […]

Another challenge!

To be honest, I’m not sure who to blame for this one. I think it was Bec, in conjunction with Car (c’mon, like THAT surprises anyone). Apparently a few of us thought we wanted a new bag, and so the EQ Bag Challenge/Sewalong was born. No deadlines or rules – just make a bag and encourage each other along. And […]

nice try.

Like the toyroom, the boy’s bedroom can be a bit of disaster area. Despite having a perfectly adequate area to play, they love to drag their toys into their bedroom to play. And leave them there. They love to read a book before bed. Which falls to the floor, and gets left there. Drawers get emptied in search of the […]

the dragonfly

I posted a little while ago about a custom Butterfly Overnighter, ordered by a friend after seeing the one I designed and made for my Butterfly. That one was as a gift, to be used as a mummy/nappy bag, and that same friend also ordered an overnighter for her two little boys. I didn’t want to go all ruffly like […]

fly little butterfly

  I gleefully posted up a photo on Facebook, of Butterfly’s vintage-bowling-ball-inspired overnighter that I designed/made, as I do with most things I make. And my notifications EXPLODED. Including a note from a friend – “So cute. I’ll order one in blue and one in green”. O.M.G. “Are you for real?” I asked, as in, wow, someone thinks they are […]

adding some twinkle.

  At Bible Study a couple of weeks back, we were talking about gifts, and attitudes, and service with a glad heart. One mum mentioned a conversation with her boy (who is one of the wisest little chaps I know), along similar lines, of people who willingly and cheerfully serve, and show love by acts of service. Not for kudos […]