…making morning time easy…

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that this particular crafter in possession of a warm bed, must be in want of a snooze button…   I am not the world’s most pleasant morning person. The alarm goes off, and my brain slowly kicks into gear, and I lie there mentally moaning for a good twenty minutes, trying to psych myself […]

on faith, creativity & making time

It’s something I hear a lot. I will be chatting to someone, and mention offhand about something I’ve made, or something I’ve blogged, something, generally, that is just “mine”, not directly connected to wife-and-motherhood, and there it is – “I don’t know how you find the time”. And I kind of shrug and mumble something about making time because it’s […]

bible journalling

Three excited little people and one very confused baby piled onto the bed, laden with gifts wrapped in newsprint and decorated with the precious, priceless artworks of the ones I love the best. Mr Dove ran interference with the afore-mentioned baby who had decided the best way out of said confusion would be to taste everything even vaguely paper related, […]