A Fairy Farewell to Birthday Season {blogtoberfest day 18}

Yesterday, Butterfly and 6 little friends spent the afternoon playing and chatting and enjoying themselves as only four years old girls can, for her birthday party, and the final stop on the 2014 Birthday Train. We played Pin The Wings On The Fairy. No I wasn’t still painting this an hour before the party, why would you suggest such a […]

today she is two.

She was in a rush, our little girl. 1 hour and 9 minutes from the first contraction, I scooped her into my arms, and held her tight as I tumbled headlong into deep consuming love for this precious soul we’d been entrusted with. She’s cute, and clever, and talkative. She toilet trained herself at 15 months, she talks in full […]

And now he is six.

He loves Lego and aeroplanes. Lego aeroplanes will bring on an involuntary box-kissing response. He is a kind and loving big brother. He is a reader, a think, a learner. He is wise beyond his years. He loves school. Somehow, I have blinked, and my baby is a baby no longer a baby, but a small boy, who no longer […]