blogtober day 3 // new quilt planning

There is a delightful synchronicity, as I wrap up a reflection series of fifteen years of blogging and turn my mind to new things – specifically, new projects in my new space – that the top item on the list is a quilt for my biggest baby. My very first post, all the way back in June 2008, was about […]

blogtober day 2 // new house who dis?

In January 2020, we bubbled with excitement at the adventure ahead of us. A little cabin, generously described as rustic, was to be our home for the next twelve months as we built our new house. Tiny house life was going to be a blast – and it was. We were still very much in the novelty phase, when everything […]

…blogtober day 3 :: a me made road trip…

Back when we were making the final decision to homeschool, we had a discussion about excursions and the bigger things schools can offer than homeschoolers generally can’t. I knew, once we committed, that part of my job as the homeschool facilitator of the family would be to find alternatives, and make them happen. In the early days, we did lots […]

…blogtober 2022…

Much like blogging itself, the once popular Blogtoberfest has fallen by the wayside in the shift to instagram based microblogging. And yet, every year, I still find myself drawn to the familiar rhythm of daily blogging that is Blogtober. It takes me back to what feels like the “good old days” of blogging, somewhere in the depths of 2012, a […]