…Where In The World Is Carrose San Diego…

Way way back in 2011, at our very first quilt camp, there were six of us. In the way of all friendship groups, that initial group has changed and morphed over the years, to a different group of six, with one constant among all the adjustments. As much as the make-up changed, each and every quilt camp, 8 in total, […]

…long weekend challenge…

On Saturday morning, after a lovely lay in and starting the day off slow with the children, I was kicking around the loungeroom looking at my various projects, and none of them holding my attention for more than about 30 seconds. What is it about having nothing more to do than make pretty things for the fun of it, that […]

the handmade book {book review}

Do you ever see a book so pretty, you want to take it home & just stare at it? This book is one of those. Sneaking down the “grown-ups” end of the library after storytime, I found my attention snagged by the spine of “the handmade book*” by Angela James. I’ve dabbled here & there in book binding (you can […]

the world’s fanciest sticker book

It’s as predictable as the sun coming up. Five minutes after we walk out of dance class, the tears start. The sticker that was on her hand just a moment ago has disappeared. Not a worry, thinks I, we’ll make her a sticker book. A bit of patterned paper or some fabric scraps, some book board and some heavy printer […]

in the mailbox {march}

1. Project Life nesting dies 2. Grid page journal (gifted) 3. Washi tape (gifted) 4. pet tag from the cheap shop 5. dies to match my letterpress label plates 6. Letterpress plate – assorted accents 7. Letterpress paper 4×6 8. A4 bookboard 9. Fimo to make this awesome Elsa figurine 10. A5 stamp carving block 11. Fimo modelling tools 12. […]