August Book Review :: Home Made Simple (for kids)

This book jumped out at me at the library back before we went away – Home Made? Simple? Kids? Sign me up! Inside, it is beautifully photographed with lots of easy, fun projects, some to do with your little people, some to do for them. A lot were things that I thought “oh duh of course!” type of projects that […]

small fry outdoors {book review}

I spotted Small Fry Outdoors, one day when I was scanning the parenting shelves during story time, and it is a cracker of a find. It was full of so many great ideas for getting out and enjoying the outdoors with little people. I especially loved that each section (it was organised by seasons) included right near the front what […]

the handmade book {book review}

Do you ever see a book so pretty, you want to take it home & just stare at it? This book is one of those. Sneaking down the “grown-ups” end of the library after storytime, I found my attention snagged by the spine of “the handmade book*” by Angela James. I’ve dabbled here & there in book binding (you can […]