box it up

With a birthday coming up for a special someone who no longer lives near me, I have had half a mind on gift ideas, something cute and fun and a bit different. I was browsing Pinterest (surprised? No, I wasn’t either) a week or two back, when I came across this most fabulous idea and straight away pinned it to […]

hip hip happy birthday

Along with a houseful of birthdays, there seems to be an abundance of birthday celebrations in September in my circle of friends as well. Two such birthdays fell within a week or so, at the beginning of the month (well, one was the end of August, but I was already gearing up for The Month of Birthdays, so mentally it’s […]

pocket money {+ tutorial}

Our little boys both get pocket money. We don’t link it to chores (at this age), and they get a set amount per week. We are trying to teach them how to wisely deal with money. We require that some goes into their piggy bank (pay yourself first!), some goes as their givings for Sunday School (give back what He […]

We <3 daddy

Husband dearest, as much as I love him, can be a right royal pain in the backside when it comes gift-giving times. The man truly wants for nothing more than time with his family. Which is very sweet, true, but birthdays, Christmases and more pertinently, Fathers Day, I like to acknowledge his importance to our little family with something of […]

Sha wop bop a loo bop

the weekend’s here! I love weekends. Whilst no longer the pinnacle of sleeping-late-lazy-breakfast-reading-newspaper bliss it once was, there is nothing quite like waking to a small child beside the bed, flicking on the tv for some cartoons and all snuggling in for another half hour or so. I did attempt to hid under the covers once and pretend to be […]

Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Ok, well, maybe just paper & scissors. And glue. Pens, pencils, a button or three. A couple of child-free hours.  And then, triumphant, I emerge from the studio, bearing a pair of cards – one, MIL’s belated mother’s day card, the other, FIL’s birthday card.   MIL’s card – a bit more 3D chippy action. It’s a bit simpler than […]

Yes, sir, I do have a note from my mother…

Well, not really, but, dearest blog, will you forgive me for being absent for far too long? Creatively, life has been pretty flat lately, not from lack of project, nor of mojo,  but with various goings-on conspiring to keep me out of my disgustingly-untidy studio. However, on Saturday, with the realisation that the next day was mothers day, and that my […]

Time flies…

…when you’re having fun! Friday has snuck up and caught me completely unawares this week. It only seems a day or two ago that I was pondering the potential of a new week, and here we are, week over, and with it, a chance to reflect on my plans, and a desire to do better next week. (Or maybe the […]

One of life’s mysteries…

I decided on Saturday morning that my studio needed cleaning (which it did, it was a mess), and while I was going, I might just reorganise my art & craft supplies,you know, make the space more efficient. So why does the room now look worse than when I started? Hopefully the two munchkins will nap at the same time this […]

A little card…

I whipped up this card for my parents last night. The paper was some cheapy stuff I bought a few years back when I first started scrapping, and is now so far from fitting my scrapping style it’s not funny. I was close to chucking it in the boy’s craft box, but now I’m glad I kept it, as I […]