…christmas stitchalong…

With only three weeks until Christmas, there’s plenty of time to start a new project, isn’t there? A detail-heavy, heavy hand work project seems like a grand idea, doesn’t it? And the fact it is a Christmas theme, and thus rather time sensitive wouldn’t be a problem, would it? Obviously, the answer to all three question is yes, there is, […]

…mason jar cookie gifts…

Last Christmas, influenced by my own increasing overwhelm at the sheer amount of stuff in our home, I wanted to do something more experience-based for our nieces, rather than a gift that my sister-in-law would have to find a home for and trip over for the next six months (quite possibly I am projecting my own toy-avalanche experience…) Obviously, we […]

Dear Santa {free printable}

  Our Friday activity in our Advent calendar was to write letters to Santa. I’d seen a few templates floating about, but of course, nothing is that simple for me, so Friday I sat down and spent some time in Photoshop to create one of my own. My biggest gripe with a lot of them was the focus on naughty […]

December Daily :: week one

  Just a quick post today to share some of my December Daily album pages, because life is kicking my butt and not leaving much time for proper blogging. Even so, one week in and I am managing to keep up to date, which I really happy with, even if some pages are just the papers and no embellishments. I’ll […]

Advent Blogalong :: mini shop update {day one}

Every year, the lovely Car hosts an Advent blog-every-day challenge, and I’ve decided this year to give it a crack. While I’m not convinced I will manage EVERY day, I do hope to blog at least three times a week, and anything more is a bonus. It’s my personal penance for dropping the ball. So. Here we are. Day one. […]