Little House.

There is one tradition that we have establishes in our little family. As Christmas draws closer, a parcel arrives from a dear friend. The box is quickly placed in prime position in the kitchen, the troops are gathered, and the contents of said box are spread across the counter. Biscuit, check. Lollies, check. Icing, check. And it’s time to get […]

Farewell 2009

A small voice tickles me elbow as it begs “We make muffins, mummy?”. So out comes the recipe books. “Honey ones, mummy!” “Honey?” “Yes pweese, I like honey. Honey is my FAVOURITE!” Flick, flick, flick. Hmm. “Sweetie, there’s no honey ones. What else would you like?” “Ooo, those ones, pweese. I like chocolate. Chocolate is my FAVOURITE!” The bench is […]

Oh Christmas Tree

Take a toilet roll. Some crepe paper. A couple of bells and pompoms. Add some craft glue and a hyperactive toddler. Mix well, and bake at 37C/85% humidity. Ok, so maybe the craft glue wasn’t my smartest idea ever. And I may have spent more time ensuring Chubba Bubba’s hands stayed *out* of the craft glue than I did using […]

Advent Blogalong

I’m on tha bandwagon! Inspired by Car, I’ll be joining in the 2009 advent blogalong – one post a day, everyday (weekday minimum, promise!), between now and Christmas. Lots of creating, probably a fair amount of rambling. Follow along if you dare!

Gift tags…

So I finished my gift tags, and now I can start wrapping the mountain of presents sitting in my office. I also knocked out a huge whack yesterday, all I have left to buy is a few scratchies, and something for my 3 BIL’s – I hate shopping for men! The gift tags: And I decided to scrap my previous […]

Eeek! 10 days until Christmas!

And someone who shall remain nameless is a tad unorganised! So please forgive my lack of blogging this past week (’cause I know you all have nothing more to do than hang breathlessly of my every post, right? Huh? what? You have a life? Oh. How embarrassing…), but I’ve been a tad busy. I was working, I was Christmas-partying my […]

Santa’s Army

How else is the big man going to get the whole world done? He has an army of clones, of course! And one Santa had a bit of an issue as I was icing his eyes, which I thought made hom look a bit evil, so I just gave him a goatee instead of a full Santa beard – he’s […]

Santa knew it would be a long night…

…when he had only¬†visited one timezone, and he already needed some balloons to help him back up the chimney! For last week’s Illustration Friday (and yes, i knew that it’s Thursday already!). ¬† I’m actually thinking of making this one into a series, so keep an eye out for some more Christmas collages!