accio costume

ANOTHER dress up post, I hear you ask? Yes, indeed! This was actually the first dress-up Bear had, again as part of his cultural studies unit at school. This year, they were asked to dress-up for Halloween, and went trick-or-treating around the other year two classes. Luckily for me, I had wizards robes on hand, from last year’s Halloween concert […]

the final frontier

  One little astronaut all suited up for bookweek! A super easy little costume, a bit of polycotton and some icky but puffy polywadding, and we had a space suit, then borrowed a helmet to top it all off. The boy was happy, so I’m happy!   Just a quick post today as I’m in headless chook mode again today, […]


With Bear at school, has come the usual flurry of events, including multiple dress-up days. The first one was nursery rhyme day, and the boy wanted to be Humpty Dumpty. Ah-ha, said I, thinking a white bowl on his head, some yellow face paint, and he can be a post-Wall Humpty. Nope. “I want to be a Humpty Dumpty with […]