…beating the heat with a new project…

I’m not one for sitting down and doing nothing with empty hands. Even when reading I will often prop my kindle up beside me so I can crochet or knit as I read. Road trips are less a way to get where we are going, than a chance to sit and work on a project (or three) uninterrupted for a […]

…31 minutes update…

31 minutes a day, sounds pretty easy, right? A week into the month and I’m all over this challenge! And getting so much done! I’m really enjoying carving out a slice of time during the day (or evening) just for my own fun – especially now we are homeschooling, and mama-centric time is at an all-time premium! I’ve actually become […]

The Aussie WIP Wednesday {blogtoberfest day 8}

Man oh man, what a month! There’s still one birthday and one party to go, but the light at the end of the tunnel that is birthday season is getting brighter, much brighter! A huge huge thank you to all my guest hosts this past month – Angie, Crystal, Cassie, Linden & Caitlin. I should also give a shout out […]

The Aussie WIP Wednesday

With five hours in the car ahead of me (as well as five hours home), I foresaw some quality ripple time in my future. I bundled it up, with the next two colours I needed (like, there’s no point getting too excited, it is, after all, five hours in the car with four children and a husband that appreciates being […]

this week

  This scrapbook layout caught my eye on Pinterest. These words are resonating at the moment – expect to see them pop up in something for the toyroom in the very near future. Sometimes we can overthink the things we need to keep our kids entertained, so I loved this list of simple travelling activities which is all about K.I.S.S. […]

It appears I made up a crochet stitch.

Sitting around at Camp Kayscha, we were all merrily rippling away when I noticed something. Mine had not only the ripple design across the blanket, but it also has a wave from front to back. Everyone else’s lay beautifully flat. Mine was textured. You can see Car’s finished blanket here – look how lovely and flat it is. In comparison, […]

WIP Wednesday {+linky}

When we came home from camp, Kylie issued a challenge – to work on our camp projects for 15 minutes a day. That fifteen minutes has seen my ripple blanket grow slowly, and as I sat down to do some more yesterday with the children while they were unwell, I came to the very exciting realisation, that I’m at the […]

Camp Coochie :: the wrap-up

Last week, I spoke a bit about going away with some of my crafty friends. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’d know the excitement level was high. And by high, I mean stratospheric. Two whole days with nothing to do but hang out with my girls and make pretty things. So I was almost jumping out of […]