a little bit lacy

There’s nothing quite like a finished project to boost one’s crafty spirits. It feels like I’ve achieved very little lately aside from fattening up the Beetle baby (the cheeks on this child are all kinds of delightful), so it’s nice to see my slow plodding at nighttime actually getting somewhere. This is the Queen Anne’s Lace scarf I blogged about […]

WIP Wednesday :: Queen Anne’s Lace

Back when we were waiting for Beetle Baby, my Monday morning routine included weekly appointments with my OB. I generally had 10 or 15 minutes of sitting around, and with the children either at home with my mum helping them get ready for school, or for later appointments, at work with daddy, it was the perfect time for sneaking in […]

how to train your dragon…

  Well, not really. It’s so cute I don’t think it really needs training. This little chappy is a project that has been a long time coming, and Miss AJ has been very patient waiting for me to get this fellow done – I only started way back in September, as a little thank you for a cute hat she […]

{taking flight} something new

  Tunisian crochet has been on my list for a while now of “things to try” – I think it was Car who introduced me to it (oh come on, like THAT surprises anyone?), after we had a conversation about poor confuzzled husbands who weren’t quite sure what was crochet, what was knitting, and what the difference between the two […]

Ripple :: tips and tricks

It’s amazing what difference making a decision can make to project. After languishing, neglected, in the yarn basket, my ripple blanket is making some rapid progress – 2.5 rows in a day, which isn’t bad for a blanket 280 stitches across! That grey really wasn’t sitting right with me, and I truly do feel happier with the blue – talking […]

not your nana’s doilies

So a while back, I posted about my adventures in doily making. Despite my husband think I was ready for the nursing home, I had a grand plan in mind. You see, Butterfly has two big brothers. All three children have their birthdays within 3 weeks of each other. So I have this massive stash of boys clothes in the […]

Doily fever {plus pattern}

Hi. I’m Little White Dove, and I’m a doily-a-holic. I’ve blogged before about my adventures in crocheting doilies, and the project I have in mind, I needed a couple of smaller ones. I first tried just doing a couple of rounds (the little one on the left), but it didn’t really work, so using the original pattern as a starting […]

when I’m 70.

I had this ball of gorgeous pink cotton. And my mum’s teeny tiny steel 2.5mm crochet hook. So I went nuts on Ravelry and Pinterest, pinning a heap of crochet doilies. (yeah yeah, I know). The last couple of days, I thought of the perfect use for some pink doilies, so out came the cotton and hook, printed off the […]

I came, I saw, I conquered…

There once was a keyboard, who was injured in the pursuit of crafty goodness. With callous disregard for my keyboard’s safety, I was attempting to crochet & drink tea at the same time. The crochet attempt wasn’t so hot, either. Frustration reigned supreme. But a trip to Spotlight yesterday solved my problems. I picked up a crochet book recommended by […]