…tell me a story…

Monthly projects are not exactly my forte. Or more precisely, keeping up to date with monthly projects is not exactly my forte. Back in 2015, I allowed myself to be talked into joining the monthly Story Time Sampler project. With famous last words, I thought it would be easier to keep up to date on, “with smaller blocks” than the […]

…christmas stitchalong…

With only three weeks until Christmas, there’s plenty of time to start a new project, isn’t there? A detail-heavy, heavy hand work project seems like a grand idea, doesn’t it? And the fact it is a Christmas theme, and thus rather time sensitive wouldn’t be a problem, would it? Obviously, the answer to all three question is yes, there is, […]

…long weekend challenge…

On Saturday morning, after a lovely lay in and starting the day off slow with the children, I was kicking around the loungeroom looking at my various projects, and none of them holding my attention for more than about 30 seconds. What is it about having nothing more to do than make pretty things for the fun of it, that […]

…Story Time Sampler – Lady Shallot…

Between homeschooling, and spending our weekends at the farm, I’ve found a lot of my time is spent doing portable handcrafts that I can sneak in in the five minutes the kids are all working on their lessons, or for half an hour sitting in the sun as the kids help daddy in the garden. Over winter, my rainbow wave […]

Story Time Sampler :: The Secret Garden

Ever since I was a small girl, I have been enchanted by The Secret Garden* (or on Kindle*). So I let out a little squeal when I realised it was the block for February. Even better was I was not long down the rabbit hole that is a new webseries, with┬áThe Misselthwaite Archives having captured my attention on YouTube – […]

tell me a story

A few months back, as a subscriber to the 2014 Once Upon A Time sampler, I got to take part in the survey for the theme of the 2015 sampler. There were a few cute options, but as soon as I saw literature, I knew exactly what I was voting for. And then when the 2015 sampler was revealed to […]

The Aussie WIP Wednesday {blogtoberfest day 8}

Man oh man, what a month! There’s still one birthday and one party to go, but the light at the end of the tunnel that is birthday season is getting brighter, much brighter! A huge huge thank you to all my guest hosts this past month – Angie, Crystal, Cassie, Linden & Caitlin. I should also give a shout out […]

The Aussie WIP Wednesday

Oh gee willikers, what is this I’ve pulled from the depths of the WIP pile? It’s been nice to be stitching away as a break from my Sea Breeze mini (which is getting closer!)   Last week, AJ shared this sweet memory quilt: Ms Midge was Kate Spain-ing: As was Amy:   ~~~ Have you been creating something this week? […]

WIP Wednesday :: OUAT Sampler update

It became a familiar pattern, while we were away. I’d rock Beetle to sleep, tuck him up in his portacot, and then I’d settle myself down for some stitching as the big children and daddy wandered off in search of adventure. I had packed my ripple as well, but on the first night, discovered an error that meant I had […]