and bracelet makes three

A lazy Saturday afternoon, and the house is all but silent. One asleep, two resting, one with Daddy doing stuff. I slip on my headphones, pull up the Google hangout app and settle in for a chat with a group of lovely ladies. With this hour or so carved out of our day just for me, I was determined to […]

how Miss Dove got her groove back.

  It seems my crafty mojo has started creeping back. The day before last, I made a long overdue start on tidying my studio. I didn’t get very fair, but that 15 minute spurt was enough to get me inspired. Yesterday, I set Boy2 up on my computer for his Reading Eggs lesson, and instead of settling in the doorway […]

Just a little something

For far too long now, the five kilos of keys I lug around with me have remained determinedly unadorned. A clip to attach them to my bag passed as a keyring. Devoid of any sign of who may own them, they existed merely as a clump of metal pieces attached, very ad hoc, I may add, by various small rings […]