…end to end… 

A couple of years back, my dad built us an awesome cabinet to fill an empty wall in our living area, and hold the assorted paraphernalia that comes with wrangling a tribe of kids. It was great for keeping bags and hats and shoes somewhat contained (though it didn’t completely eliminate the 8.55 “wheeeeeere is your hat???” panics), less great […]

we’re going on an egg hunt…

…we’re going find some pretty ones…   School holidays + Easter = lots of eggy crafts. A visit to Nanny & Poppy’s house saw the small people come home laden with handmade chocolates, and painted pottery eggs. We’ve already made cheesecake eggs (and I refuse to confirm or deny the current consumption status of such), and so the last one […]

Pinterest Inferiority Complex.

Is this a medically recognised disorder? Because it really should be. Backing up a bit, over the long weekend, we loaded the car with children and headed south to meet up with the rest of my husband’s family (or most of), in honour of a couple of big birthdays happening this year. Plus you know, it’s nice to see everyone […]


On a drizzly Saturday evening, inspiration arrived. For a while now, I have had colours and fabrics and fittings swirling around my head, coalescing at the strangest moments into the perfect vision of “home”. We are planning a renovation, you see. Of epic proportions. We currently have a cute, but small, 1950’s bungalow in a great location. However, with baby […]