#challenge…accepted? Failed?

Ah, yes. The C word. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Dove and her friend(s) in possession of a good (or sometimes not so good) idea, must be in want of a challenge. My dear friend Car and I have a long history of challenges, and concurrent projects, and enabling, and “hey this sounds cool, wanna join me?” […]

diary cover and almost-organiser

With the three biggest people gone to spend a few nights with their grandparents last week, my required duties shrunk to a) feeding and cuddling the baby, and b) making the bed and putting our two breakfast dishes in the perpetually empty dishwasher. My housework requirements shrank dramatically. The washing wasn’t overflowing. The loungeroom didn’t required vacuuming every morning. The […]


A new year dawns, heralding a new decade. The “noughties” are behind us, and the not-so-noughties shimmer with the promise of future delights. A fresh year, like a blank canvas. Or maybe a journal, crisp & clean, with the faint smell of the papermill still wafting from it’s pages.Waiting for history to be written on it’s pages. History yet to […]