industrial crafting.

For those who’ve been around here for a while, you will know we recently did a pretty major renovation/extension to our house. And while the space is lovely, and we really like the design and layout, I find myself increasingly frustrated. 12 months on, and we are still working through finding the ideal storage solutions for some areas, and tidying […]

the one about nothing.

It was a totally awesomesauce kind of weekend, where we got a heap done by doing not much at all. I made a gorgeous bracelet. But I can’t show you for another MONTH until it reaches it’s new home in the US and is gifted to it’s new owner. I bound a journal. But I can’t blog that because it’s […]


Every afternoon, the routine is the same. Walk in the door, wrangle with baby on hip as I try to make afternoon without her grabbing the food and/or knife, while chatting to the boys, and cajoling them into getting their chores done. Have you put your shoes away. Have you unpacked your lunch box. Is it in the drawer? Come […]