…cosplay fail…

What is it that they say about roads paved with good intentions? Every project starts with the most fabulous of intentions, and then, somewhere along the way they just pushed aside or stored for later… or sometimes they are just a total fail that I hang on to for far too long. Craft blogging has a tendency to become a […]

easy last minute DIY Halloween masks

Tomorrow night marks the official start to our end of year festivities. The drama school our children go to don’t do a Christmas concert, instead, they do a Halloween concert to avoid any clashes with all the other events that seem to crop up around Christmas. Generally, the children get to pick their own costumes, and the directer asks that […]

on persistent dreams & grown up plans

It varies, from week to week, from pilot, to engineer, to inventor. Though I guess they all have an engineering kind of common thread running through them. He’s a child who loves to know how things work, who’ll question and think and question some more. As a toddler, he spoke early and spoke constantly – especially “why?”. “Why why why […]

accio costume

ANOTHER dress up post, I hear you ask? Yes, indeed! This was actually the first dress-up Bear had, again as part of his cultural studies unit at school. This year, they were asked to dress-up for Halloween, and went trick-or-treating around the other year two classes. Luckily for me, I had wizards robes on hand, from last year’s Halloween concert […]

Little Elves

Come as a fairy or an elf, the invitation said. And so, I walked the streets, looking for an elf costume, or anything vaguely elf like. A fortnight before Halloween, I’ll be sure to find something, I told myself. But no, not a single elf to be found. Which is how I found myself at the fabric shop. The day […]