Last Christmas, both boys were given a Makedo set – little joiners and hinges to create “stuff” out of boxes. Boy2’s box showed a robot, and it has henceforth been known as “robot craft”. So late last week, the boy comes running up, “mummy, mummy, we does wobot cwaft?”, and so we hit up the recycling pile, one of […]

tap-tap-tap… the connected generation.

When pregnant with both the boys, I craved sweet things. It was nothing unusual for me to burn through a packet of smarties in a day. Yes. The family sized one. Seriously. I’m talking major addiction. This time, though, the thought of chocolate has made me want to run to the nearest bucket. My cravings have been much more towards […]

Uses for the egg carton #964

I found myself in a predicament. Bear had made a tractor from some boxes (photos soon!), and was merrily painting away. Chubba Bubba thought he should be involved too. I glanced around, and my gaze alighted on an egg carton, dragged enthusiastically into the toy room by the children, and just as enthusiastically cast aside in favour of other games. […]


As I stand at the sink, bubbles swirling around my arms, I hear the rattle, clink, thunk of two small boys ferreting through the recycling box. A small box hits the floor, maybe the muesli bar box by the sound of it, nothing too substantial. Then comes the double plunk-ding of a soft drink bottle landing cap first on the […]

Autumn blooms

There is a rare & delicate flower, I have found, that dares only bloom when it’s true beauty may be appreciated. When most others tremble at the though of a frost, and their petals wither & fall. When a small boy reach for glue, paper, scissors. And of course, the ever-handy egg carton!   So much fun we had to […]

Delightful Digger

On our daily meandering to the mail box one day last week, we heard a dull roar. “Gar truck?” Asked the small one. “No, sweetie, no garbage truck today” says I. “Fire truck, mummy?”, sniff sniff, “nope, I don’t think so, baby”. “Um, pet-ril truck?”, “I’m not sure, I don’t think so”. Having exhausted his repetoire of trucks, we decided to […]

Another rainy day

This rain seems to be here for a few days, so we have had another crafty morning.   First, after singing ‘Incy Wincy Spider’, we were inspired to create this little critter:   And then we had some fun making little envelope puppets:   We also did some painting, and I introduced the boy into that well-loved activity of “butterfly […]