…a friday finish…

You would think, if ever there was a year to let a weekly-release craft along project slide, it would be 2020. Who has the headspace to keep up with stuff with *waves hand* all that going on? And yet…2020 is the first year that I have actually managed to keep up, and finish, a stitchalong. When I started the Peppermint […]

…christmas stitchalong…

With only three weeks until Christmas, there’s plenty of time to start a new project, isn’t there? A detail-heavy, heavy hand work project seems like a grand idea, doesn’t it? And the fact it is a Christmas theme, and thus rather time sensitive wouldn’t be a problem, would it? Obviously, the answer to all three question is yes, there is, […]

needlework essentials :: the wrap-up

  Wow – part FIVE of this series, marking a whole month of needlework posts! As you can probably tell, I am just having a wee bit of fun getting addicted to needlework again. It is just the right kind of project for the season my life is in at the minute, where crafting needs to take a backseat to […]

needlework essentials :: travel pouch

{part four of five. See part one here, part two here, and part three here} One of my favourite things about handwork, is it’s portability. I am often asked how I manage to juggle my creative outlets with the various demands on my time that come with being a stay at home mum to four children aged seven and under. My […]

needlework essentials :: thread minder

{part three of five. See part one here and part two here} My mum was a bit of a cross-stitcher, back in the day. I’d watch, fascinated, as she’d open the kit, lay out the cloth and then the threads, before looping them through the piece of card that came in the kit, holes pre-punched and pre-labelled. Even then, it seemed […]

needlework essentials :: thread catcher

{part two of five. See part one here} My favourite place to stitch is curled up on the lounge. Hoop in hand, pattern to one side, threads to another. Generally the tv is on, though I’m only watching with half an ear, enough to chat to Mr Dove. But my main entertainment is watching the needle move in and out […]


Three weeks. It sounds like a lot, at the start. But then we blink, or we turn around, or we something, and it’s over. Between the Christmas Eve stuff and the Christmas Day stuff and the camping in the mountains and the New Year stuff where we went to bed well before midnight because that’s what happens when you have […]

WIP Wednesday

Between juggling the feeding and napping of a newborn, the entertainment and care of a toddler and preschooler, and the school run and after school happening of the seven year old, plus of course running the house to a reasonable level of clean and tidy, my craft time in daylight hours has been severely curtailed. I generally collapse on the […]

WIP Wednesday

Slowly plodding along on this little embroidery I’ve had floating around for AAAGGGGGEEESSS! Makes a nice change from the knitting and crochet. (Original image by Pen & Paint). Feeling quite wordless today, lucky it’s Wednesday, hey? Off to sit in the sun and stitch some more and see if I can find my mojo again.

a bit.

Over on Facebook, the And Sew We Craft crew asked, what have we been crafting? I was kind of glum to admit, not much really. I’ve been away from home for two weekends in a row, so I’m madly playing catch up at home, which means less crafting, and thus blogging. But when I thought about it, it’s less of […]