not your nana’s doilies

So a while back, I posted about my adventures in doily making. Despite my husband think I was ready for the nursing home, I had a grand plan in mind. You see, Butterfly has two big brothers. All three children have their birthdays within 3 weeks of each other. So I have this massive stash of boys clothes in the […]

aussie aussie aussie…

A week or so ago, it was Education Week, and part of that was a dress-up book parade, with the theme of Champions. Brilliant, a box, a horse head and he could be Black Caviar. Yeah, no. A swimmer he wants, and try as I might to talk him into a tracksuit and some medals, no, it has to be […]

Inspiration found

{source image created by Lindsay @ pen&paint – she’s super talented, so do yourself a favour and check out her blog} Sometimes, when I craft, whatever project I’m working on is a plodder. I’ll do a bit each day, or do one big burst, then set it aside for a bit, then pick it up again *cough*Dear Jane*cough*. It’s not […]


A new year dawns, heralding a new decade. The “noughties” are behind us, and the not-so-noughties shimmer with the promise of future delights. A fresh year, like a blank canvas. Or maybe a journal, crisp & clean, with the faint smell of the papermill still wafting from it’s pages.Waiting for history to be written on it’s pages. History yet to […]

Crossing over…

…from one medium to another. A while back I did a little pastel sketch of some purple flowers, and mentioned at te time that I might use it as a basis for a silk ribbon embroidery.   So when we went away a few weeks ago, I packed my embroidery box, slapped some paint on some fabric, and ended up […]